Creating treasured keepsakes and thoughtful gifts

Here at Gifts and Keepsakes we love absolutely everything about Celebrating - we believe celebrations are an opportunity for us to connect with the people we love.

The big celebrations like Easter and Christmas, are wonderful opportunities to stop, take a break and enjoy all the traditions of the season. 

Our more intimate family celebrations like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, are special occasions when some of our most precious memories are made.

The journey started with The Christmas Cart

The Christmas Cart is very much a labour of love for its two owners, Deborah Quinn and Kym Aldred. 

With established marketing and design businesses and careers of their own, Deb and Kym had also been working together for many years on their jointly owned business Milestones 2 Memories, creating customised photographic gift and keepsake products - turning life’s special milestones into beautiful lasting memories. 

In 2008, Milestones 2 Memories were operating Santa Photo outlets in shopping centres around Sydney when they were presented with the opportunity to open a personalised Christmas decoration pop-up shop. As two mums who absolutely love Christmas, and given that it was very closely aligned with the Santa Photos they were already having a lot of fun doing, this was an opportunity that they simply couldn’t turn down.

What started as just a bit of fun “on the side” for the pair to enjoy and share their love of Christmas, soon grew into a blossoming business in its own right. And so The Christmas Cart was born. Growing to meet the demands of Christmas lovers everywhere, The Christmas Cart now provides a wide range of personalised Christmas gifts and keepsakes, as well as plenty of Christmas decorations and decorating inspiration too. 

From that first pop-up shop, operations quickly expanded to a number of locations across the Sydney area. Noticing that there was exciting potential to share their gorgeous personalised Christmas keepsakes with many more people across the country, and in fact the world, The Christmas Cart website was launched in 2010. 

In the years that followed, The Christmas Cart continued to grow as people really embraced giving thoughtful, personalised gifts and keepsakes at Christmastime. In recent years, the online component of the business has continued to go from strength to strength, and so today our core focus is purely on our website and online sales.

Our personalised Christmas keepsakes are customised by hand in our South-West Sydney studio and shipped worldwide to spread the joy of Christmas.

It brings us so much joy, that many years later, we are able to continue with the same intention we had when we started Milestones 2 Memories, only this time we are specifically focused on Christmas. We look forward, everyday, to being able to help our customers create, decorate and celebrate the special occasions in their lives as a way of making beautiful memories with the people they love.

Making Christmas Memories

That’s certainly not the end of our love affair with Christmas. Alongside the exciting growth of The Christmas Cart, the Milestones 2 Memories Santa Photos outlets quickly expanded too. More locations were added each year, not only across Sydney and surrounding areas, but in Melbourne and Queensland too. Milestones 2 Memories was eventually rebranded to focus solely on Santa Photos and so the Christmas Memories business was created to allow our customers to do just that - make magical and memorable Christmas memories with Santa and treasure them for years to come with a selection of beautiful photo gifts and keepsakes. Because everyone deserves to make their own kind of beautiful Christmas memories with Santa, we offer dedicated Sensory and Pet photo sessions in addition to our standard sessions.

Gifts & Keepsakes was Born

Savvy and passionate business people are constantly looking for new ideas to grow and expand, and Kym and Deb are certainly no exception. Building on the obvious interest for giving unique and personalised gifts, Gifts & Keepsakes was formed so that customers can give personalised gifts and keepsakes for all the other special occasions throughout the year. Whether it is a milestone birthday (or any other birthday in between!), weddings and anniversaries, welcoming a new baby, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, honouring a lost loved one or almost any other occasion, Gifts & Keepsakes can help you to create the perfect personalised gift or keepsake.

Sharing our Love of Celebrating with You

So that is a bit about us, and all of the fun that we have helping our customers to create, decorate and celebrate the special occasions in their lives, as a way of making beautiful memories with the people they love. We would absolutely love to help you share the special occasions in your life so be sure to follow us on our socials and get in touch by emailing or call us on 1300 72 47 10 if there is anything that we can do to help.

Deborah Quinn and Kym Aldred

Here at The Christmas Cart we love to share the fun and joy of Christmas. Our Christmas Glitter Fairies and Elves are passionate about helping our customers create the perfect Christmas decoration or Christmas gift, with a special glittery personal touch.

It all began in 2008, when Deborah Quinn and Kym Aldred seized an opportunity to open a personalised Christmas decoration pop-up shop to compliment Milestones 2 Memories, a business they had established some years earlier. As two mums who love Christmas and enjoy nothing better than sharing the festive spirit, this was an opportunity they couldn’t turn down.

So Deb and Kym came together, utilising their respective skills as a marketer and designer, and this is where The Christmas Cart all began. What started as just a bit of fun “on the side” for the pair to enjoy and share their love of Christmas, soon grew into a blossoming business providing personalised baubles and many other Christmas keepsakes at affordable prices.

The number of retail outlets has grown each year and now The Christmas Cart and Milestones 2 Memories combined have over 20 pop-up shops throughout the eastern states of Australia that open from 4-6 weeks depending on the location.

In 2010 we launched our website to make it possible for people from all over the world to order from our beautiful range of Christmas baubles, gifts and decorations. Our personalised Christmas baubles look perfect in every unique location from a chateaux in France, a farmhouse in New Zealand to an apartment in New York, not to mention a warm and loving family home anywhere in Australia .

Getting to know our customers is one of our favourite aspects of being in business, and so in 2011 we created our Facebook page The Christmas Cart. We now have over 25,000 friends who share their lives and love of family and Christmas with us. Our Facebook page is a mixing pot of all things festive, funny and heartfelt. We offer lots of Christmas decorating tips, inspirational stories and regularly post our favourite recipes, because let’s face it: one of the best things about Christmas is all of the food! We also love to share what is going on in our lives with our customers through stories and photos that make us all smile, and of course there are regular offers and competitions for our friends.

So that is a bit about us, but now we would love to hear a bit about you, so please stop by our Facebook page, pop in to one of our shops at Christmas time, drop us a line via or simply call us on 1300 72 47 10. We would love to help you share the spirit of Christmas in your own unique way.