Easter may be coming to a close, but the kids' artworks don't need to be packed away just yet. With our easy and affordable ideas, you'll love creating a tradition of displaying their Easter masterpieces no matter the season.

The mess of your kids' Easter craft activities is all part of the fun, and we can all agree the end result makes the cleanup worthwhile. After all these Easter craft projects are completed, don't just store them away in the kids' keepsake boxes. Instead, we have come up with 5 wonderful ideas for displaying Easter masterpieces throughout the year.

1. Framing Easter Artwork

What children love the most (other than chocolate) is seeing their artwork on display. And, with some simple craft that utilises what you have on hand, you can create a delightful picture frame. Simply get your children to colour in some popsicle sticks or cover in pastel paints, such as the pearl paints from Kmart, or glitter. To coordinate these frames, gently adhere some paper flowers, foam Easter eggs, greenery, or ribbon onto the corners, then place magnetic strips on the back to display Easter masterpieces on your fridge.

Image source: First Palette, Artistic Junkie, The Christmas Cart, Gifts and Keepsakes

Alternatively, gently poke a hole into the top and thread through some ribbon to make it into an Easter ornament.

2. Easter Gallery Wall

Dedicate a wall as an Easter mural for displaying Easter masterpieces and paper craft pieces that the kids have made. Rather than sticking to a specific occasion, this wall could become a fun spectacle for your whole family to contribute to, and your guests to marvel at. The best part is - creating a gallery wall doesn't take much time or effort at all. You can meticulously plan where each artwork will stick (or hang, depending on your display preferences), but what makes displaying Easter masterpieces even more fun is letting your kids decide on the placement of their projects.

Create a wonderfully festive room by displaying Easter masterpieces into a collage frame, or a collection of smaller photo frames. Then stick Easter flowers, faux Easter eggs or little Easter chicks, onto each frame to dress it up.

3. Subtle Interior Touches

If there's anything we've learnt from raising kids, it's that they love painting and drawing, especially on things that don't belong to them. Encourage their creativity in an unexpected way by getting them to paint and add decorations to an indoor flower pot, like these awesome flower pot painting ideas kids can make. We'd recommend creating this craft project using ceramic or terracotta pots.

Image sources: Messy Little Monster, Artsy Fartsy Mama, Better Homes and Gardens

For plastic pots, simply laminate their artwork, or create a laminated collage with a few of their favourite drawings and paintings, and super glue it onto the pot. Make it removable and interchangeable for after Easter and the coming celebratory seasons by using blutac instead of super glue to adhere your child's work of art.

4. Easter Décor Makeover

Displaying Easter masterpieces on an Easter tree or garland is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to make your kids feel like Picasso and add a sprinkle of Easter cheer to your home.

Make an Easter tree to hang all the art and craft from (the tree could be made from twigs secured in a pot with plaster and painted, or a transformed Christmas tree), or simply buy one ready made from your local department store (such as Target or Big W) or craft store. Rather than keeping your craft baubles or fillable ornaments tucked away in storage, display Easter masterpieces by cutting out your kids smaller pieces of art and gently placing inside. And, since it's double sided, there's room for two creations to be on display. Either dedicate the tree to the kids' craft, or embrace the Easter spirit by displaying Easter masterpieces in conjunction with hanging Easter decorations.

Repurposed décor doesn't have to stop at craft baubles or ornaments. Take out your Easter or Christmas garland from the cupboard and affix craft pegs onto it. Then, clip the kids favourite craft projects onto it for a unique way of displaying Easter masterpieces.

*Handy tip: Make sure there's enough space between the pegs to fit each artwork. 

5. Arty Wreath

We've had so much fun decorating wreaths over the past few weeks, that we can't stop just yet. Your leftover craft pegs are ideal for displaying Easter masterpieces on a wreath, but for projects with harder materials, like cardboard or foam, poking holes in one side and affixing floral wire to tie onto the base is ideal. If choosing the latter, be careful not to accidentally ruin their project.

For any decorator with multiple wreaths (like us), why not add a personal touch to every room with this simple idea? It's sure to add smiles to the faces of little ones and yourself every day.

It's been an incredible season creating, decorating and celebrating Easter with you! And although the most fun season of the year is over, Gifts and Keepsakes is to help you mark every special occasion throughout the year.