If your home is lacking some Easter décor inspiration, see some of our favourite, simple, and effective ways to add clever finishing touches to your home, just in time for Easter.

When it comes to Easter décor, the home really is your oyster (or, your Easter egg if we are really into the spirit). And being this close Easter celebrations, now is the time to complete all those finishing touches for Easter! From the entryway or alfresco, to your dining area, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and all the areas accessible to any fluffy-tail maestro; our Easter décor gurus can help transform every space of your home into a springtime feast for the eyes.

Following are some of our favourite, simple, and effective ways that you can add clever finishing touches to your home for Easter celebrations.

Plush It Up

For some great finishing touches for Easter décor, you can’t really go wrong with cute Easter plush toys and figurines. And the greatest thing about soft plush toys – you can play around with lots of different spaces for displaying them as they are more durable than other, more breakable options. Pop them around the home in inconspicuous places to watch the joy on people’s faces as they discover your little friends about.

Image sources: Paper, Plate and Plane, Gifts and Keepsakes

Here are a few simple ideas to help get you started:

  • nestle an Easter plush bunny with its head poking out from behind the TV
  • sit some small Easter chickens on top of a thick-set picture frame hanging on a wall
  • make your own frame specially for the occasion to sit an arrangement of plush toys inside and on top of, such as our fabric sitting bunnies. Our natural wood house decorations with bunny will spark some creativity for this project and would make cute accompaniments to your larger frame also
  • display some Easter plush characters on top of a shelf or cupboard in the kitchen for some instant Easter character
  • get cheeky with some Easter chickens on top of your curtain rods or shower rail

Plush toys don’t break or smash if they happen to tumble and are fantastic for injecting a little bit of Easter décor to any room.


A Little Wreath Goes a Long Way

If you have a room or area that is looking a bit drab, you can liven it up instantly with an Easter wreath. Wreaths don’t take up a great deal of space and they can be hung on the wall or even floating under an overhead cabinet in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

For maximum impact, hang a few Easter wreaths on the railing of a staircase, if you have one. Alternatively, you can tie some wreaths onto the back of your dining chairs or breakfast bar stools.

Colourful, cheerful and full of fabulous texture, wreaths make wonderful finishing touches for Easter.

* Tip: check out how easily you can create am Easter masterpiece by reusing your existing Christmas wreath in our article ‘Transform your Christmas Wreath to a Beautiful Easter Wreath.


Easter Blooms Around Your Rooms

Flowers are just made for Easter and are one of the simplest ways to add a finishing touch to any Easter décor. With the inclusion of a few Easter-themed characters or pieces, you can have an abode busting with blooms that is ready to welcome Peter Cottontail at any time!

Image sources: Gifts and Keepsakes, Yours Truly, Tori

Following are a few simple ideas:

  • arrange some Easter florals into a vase with some Easter egg picks
  • fill a clear vase with faux Easter eggs and some Easter sprays protruding from the top
  • create an Easter centrepiece made from some gorgeous faux Easter florals, a bowl and craft oasis
  • drape a floral garland under your breakfast bar bench, under an overhead cabinet, or simply lay one across a tabletop scattered with a few faux Easter eggs or Easter ornaments throughout the foliage

* Tip: for more DIY floral inspiration, see ‘how to use florals in your Easter décor’.


Swap it Out!

If you have general décor pieces around the home, such as bowls with shells, tabletop statues, etc.; simply swap them out with some Easter ornaments and décor instead. This is a very quick and fuss-free way to add some finishing touches for your Easter décor.

It could be as simple as swapping some servewear with Easter plates or a serving bowl. Swap your standard tablecloth with an Easter-themed table runner instead. Or change the display pieces around your home with Easter ornaments and other Easter décor.

Alternatively, you could add some Easter bows and plaques onto your current décor to make it décor more Easter-themed.

A simple switch around can make all the difference and create a wonderful finishing touch for Easter.

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Easter is just around the corner and these clever finishing touches for Easter should make getting bunny-ready easy enough for anyone to achieve. Find more ideas to add finishing touches for Easter to your home on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Now, it is time to get hopping!

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